Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Do we need to empty the dresser drawers?"

A: No, but you may want to remove personal or breakable items. We do have to remove the drawers occasionally to maneuver corners or to take the stress off the structure of the dresser.


Q: "Do we need to buy mats to protect our carpets and floors?"

A: No, we will provide mats or covering to ensure all flooring stays clean.


Q: "How should I pack the clothes from my closet?"

A: We have two wardrobe boxes available for you to use during the move. Each box will hold the contents of a single closet.


Q: "Do I need to have everything disassembled and ready for the movers?"

A: No, this is completely up to you. We customize each move to suit your needs. If you are on a tight budget and want to keep the cost of your move to a minimum we recommend that you have everything apart and ready for the movers.


Q: "Can we help with the move?"

A: Yes, you can help by bringing everything as close as possible to the exit in the house being used to remove things to the truck. For insurance reasons, we cannot allow anyone on the truck.


Q: "Will you take things that are not packed in a box?"

A: Yes – if it is not fragile or breakable.




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